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North Star

March 11, 2012
By Queen-of-Sarcasum13 DIAMOND, South Bellmore, New York
Queen-of-Sarcasum13 DIAMOND, South Bellmore, New York
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"Dance like no one's watching.Sing like no one's listening.Love like you've never been hurt. Live like its heaven on earth." -Mark Twain

You were my North Star,
My guiding light,
I could see your eyes shining from afar,
Through the darkest night,

You were my safety net,
Always catching me when I fell,
You were my ace in the hole, my safe bet,
My shoulder to cry on in Hell,

You were my life vest in the storm,
And the lighthouse on the shore,
You never strayed from true form,
You told me I was worth more,

You're the cut in my heart
You're the ice in my chest
You're tearing me apart
You think its for the best

How could you be so heartless
How could you be so cruel
Why save me from the stress
Then kill me in a duel

You were my North Star
So bright
You forgave every single mar
And told me I was worth the fight

The sky is dark and dreary
Everything has faded black
So deary
Did you hear my heart against my ribs smack

I think I'm turning to snow
Full of liquid nitrogen
So is this the end of show
Or did this all just begin

I've never felt so broken
Bled so much blue
So take my tears as a token
Of what I felt toward you

You can't sell them at the mall
Or trade them for the sky
And if you see me in the hall
Please don't say hi

You were my North Star
So I guess I'm lost
From true love you were so far
Yet I still pay the cost

I think I'll go to bed
Wipe my eyes and sleep
I'll try to clear stars from my head
And dream of sheep.

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