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Labels Are For Records and Soup Cans

March 20, 2012
By Jokorium SILVER, Union Gap, Washington
Jokorium SILVER, Union Gap, Washington
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All throughout life, I've lived as the rejected,
Seen only as sad, pathetic, and dejected.
Characterized as stupid, pitiful, or even deranged,
Once given that label, 'tis rarely able to be changed.

Labels are for records, or even just on a soup can,
Not meant to be applied to each of our fellow man.
If given a label, it should be for the content within,
Not for some exterior characteristics that are given.

However, if labeled through such logical ways,
These would constantly change as the mind itself sways.
A way such as this, would not seem so logical at all,
And this labeling system, well, it would eventually fall.

So, why label? Why judge?
Why cause others to bear some awful grudge?
Is it for the sick sense of satisfaction?
Or is it simply an automatic reaction?

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