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January 18, 2009
By Francine PLATINUM, Arden, North Carolina
Francine PLATINUM, Arden, North Carolina
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For every prayer,
every hope
every wish, every dream
there is a star
in the night sky
each day millions are made
and millions more
fade away

we send our hopes and dreams
shooting through the midnight sky
from our hearts, from our souls
our dreams can best be seen
in the dark
in despair
they are shinning overhead
a reminder of hope

sometimes clouds
cover our stars
and they become invisible
we forget our future
in the dark
but in our hearts
we find their constant presence
giving courage

during the day
our stars
keep the sun company
and the sun's smiles
send light to us
when our stars are out of sight
and the mighty universe
keeps on spinning

don't keep your star in the sky
in sight, but out of reach
when you let your star
fall down to earth
chase it
chase your dream
and when you find it
never let go

and when you find yourself
alone in the dark
remember your star and look up
to find
your light in the dark
your courage in despair
your soul in the sky
shinning bright

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