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February 9, 2009
By Greg Millio BRONZE, Wallingford, Pennsylvania
Greg Millio BRONZE, Wallingford, Pennsylvania
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The walk home from school
Of course I fall
A crack in the sidewalk
Thanks Mr. Geriatric man for fixing your portion of the pavement

'Are you okay?' he asks while rushing out the door
I hope your house lights up in a wall of hellfire and damnation
I don't say anything; I just leave

My only refuge is the refrigerator
And the chocolate milk purchased for me
The door creaks open;
Why don't you fix that sound, Dad?
How does that not make you want to slice the skin off your neck with dull knives?

There is no chocolate milk
I can feel two veins on either side of my neck
Attempting to pulsate through my skin to strangle me where I stand.
I am livid
My lethargic mother has taken it upon herself to finish all I have
In my sad little life.
She couldn't get her own.

'Hey how was school?' she asks cheerily
'Fine,' I respond
(You dim swine)
'What is for dinner?' I ask.

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