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Bathroom Mirror

March 5, 2009
By twilightprincess SILVER, Marysville, Pennsylvania
twilightprincess SILVER, Marysville, Pennsylvania
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"Sometimes its the smallest decisions that can change your life forever." Keri Russell

Walking down the hallway to a bathroom,
Looking in the mirror bright and clean,
Just to figure out that the reflection isn't me,
How many times I tried to tell myself it was alright,
That it was okay to feel this way,
Yet no matter how hard I looked I was losing myself,
In that simple mirror that was being held up,
Trying to fit into the crowd,
Being like every other kid who walked down,
Through these busy halls,
Not until the mirror was broken did I see distortion,
Finally knowing that the person couldn't be me,
That this is what my friends saw,
Not me in that reflection, but some other girl,
They saw the same reflection as all the others,
Now I thank that mirror on the bathroom wall,
It taught me to see what my friends saw.

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on Jun. 10 2010 at 6:09 pm
windswift DIAMOND, Arvada, Colorado
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let it burn, suffering teaches the soul; let it grow, love nourishes the heart.

i liked this poem quite a bit, it speaks truly with the message that your trying to send, that you dont have to change yourself to get what you want, that if who you are isnt good enough for someone than let go of that someone, even if it might be hard.  nathan