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The Love of Competition

March 28, 2009
By Kristen Whalen SILVER, Shawnee, Kansas
Kristen Whalen SILVER, Shawnee, Kansas
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The wind is fierce,
The odds are high.
It’s a good day for soccer.
Dribble, dribble shoot!
A quick warm-up sets the mood.
The girls are giddy with excitement!
Eager, anticipating, awaiting.
The opponents arrive.
Tall, dark females with mysterious features.
A sea of of black are there uniforms
As they storm through like a team.
Sound the alarms!
The intimidation trigger has been pulled.
Weeks and weeks and practice yet one key idea!
No need to worry,
We’ll play unfazed.
It’s all about the fun of the game!
For everyone that comes out on top,
Someone else comes out on bottom.
Keep an open mind,
The outcome is always up in the air!
Playing fair is all that counts.
Thump, thump, thump.
The beat of hearts can be heart thundering through the stands.
Today is not a day to be nervous.
A piercing noise breaks the silence!
The whistle has been blown,
May the best team win.

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on Apr. 8 2009 at 2:41 pm
Liked it, cool soccer poem