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What I've done and what I'd become

January 31, 2010
By Kelli_2011 DIAMOND, Fillmore, California
Kelli_2011 DIAMOND, Fillmore, California
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Favorite Quote:
this too shall pass

my eye widening
my body tingling
all these things that I'm feeling
are a sign of another flare up

i stopped copaxone and kept avonex
what my dr said was
"we'll see what happens next"

when a flare comes
i don't feel anything
it happens over night
but his time i can
feel everything
feeling my skin go tight

the hospiial can help me
help me feel normal
but once i enter into
the hospital i feel horrible

why am i scared
of a place thata going to help me?
i guess everytime this happens
i hate what i'm coming out to be

a mess
a mess of a body gone wrong
with that going on
no one can be strong

i'm not strong
i cry and feel pitty
for myself
but all that is not good
for my health..

The author's comments:
i wrote this right before i went to the hospital

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