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My Notebook

February 7, 2010
By Kelli_2011 DIAMOND, Fillmore, California
Kelli_2011 DIAMOND, Fillmore, California
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Favorite Quote:
this too shall pass

My friend
Is always there
It doesn’t say a word
Doesn’t speak
All it is, is a bunch of sheets

Yes I say “It”
Its not a boy nor girl
Just a small little friend
That’s my whole world

Its big on the outside and
Thin on the inside
with white sheets and blue lines across
I can say whatever I’m feeling
And never feel lost

It won’t say anything
It can keep a secret
I don’t have to worry
about it speaking ever of it

It doesn’t give me advice
Nor ask me questions
Its there to listen and
just pay attention

I won’t fight with
This friend
It will always be there
Not like some people that
Pretend to care

I can tell
This friend anything and
I earn its trust

By just saying
“how I’m feeling”
I don’t feel like rust

Being exposed
Out in the open
For people to judge

But I know with
This friend I’ll
Never hold a grudge

With this friend
I can be completely honest
And whatever I say
Will stay assured known
as a promise

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