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September 27, 2010
By maybeshannon DIAMOND, Keller, Texas
maybeshannon DIAMOND, Keller, Texas
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Letting go of frogs and toads that we had played with and caught,
Crying as we let them go, not knowing the lessons they taught.
Passing on our favorite outfits to younger cousins or Goodwill,
And summer ends like every year, though we wish time would stand still.
Trying to cope with the loss of a friend who's moving to a far away state;
Screaming and crying and chasing her car as her parents drive her away.
Moving past dreams of becoming princesses like in all our fairy tales;
Learning to set paper wings aside as each attempt to take flight fails.
Unloading the stress and hopelessness through tears after each long day;
Keeping them in safe glass jars, locked and hidden away.
Giving way to the ache inside, but strength is all you'd shown.
Facing the fact that you hate it there though it's all you've ever know.
Taking a step — a leap of faith — to a whole new place, new world.
Shaking off the past's restraints to let your new wings unfurl.
Giving up on the boy that you've loved for most of these past two years
And accepting that he loves your best friend and doesn't want your tears.
Sliding down the mountain of seniority where in 8th grade you stood tall
Back down to the bottom: seniors towering over you in the halls.
Shrugging off problems from before so that you can have a fresh new start,
And learning the true meaning of following your dreams and following your heart.

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