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The Murderer Inside

February 27, 2012
By ethan_bane_hope GOLD, Willis, Texas
ethan_bane_hope GOLD, Willis, Texas
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I murdered that little boy in cold blood. I felt no emotion when his life passed through my hands. The boy was good, pure, and right. I killed him and took his place in life. I am the balance, the one in between. Neither love nor hate belongs to me. All I may claim is the space in between. I am the one, and the only unseen. Unseen I may be, but I hold the key to your hopes, your dreams, and your destiny. The boy was strong, and so am i. but if I fall then I shall surely die. Then the third being will emerge into the light. He is full of darkness, and as black as night and he will be this world’s demise. If I die then it’s his turn next, and he will be taking this place in my stead. He is evil in its purest form, and he is lord over the lost and forlorn. He’s coming after me, coming to take me down. Whenever I grow weak I shudder at every sound. I’m running away, and trying to hide. I’m also looking for ways to make him die. Sometimes he gains control and pushes me back. But he hasn’t killed me yet because he doesn’t know where I’m at. When the little boy was in control it was ok. But his life got boring so I decided to take the reins. At first I shared his body with him and one other. But then I murdered him because both of them were such a bother. But I messed up the balance I’m supposed to maintain. So now the dark one is coming after me with all of his hordes, and soon I shall reside under these very floor boards. I’m reaching out all around, trying to find control and a way to keep him down. When people look at me all they see is the outside, but they don’t see what’s really in me. They don’t see the battle inside, so they think I’m ok and have nothing to hide. I’ll let them believe it for as long as I try. But if he takes me over then they won’t know what to do or where to hide. And I won’t be there to protect them from the murderer inside.

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