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Said He Wouldn't Lose Me

March 26, 2012
By Zoe-22-Turner DIAMOND, Beverly, Massachusetts
Zoe-22-Turner DIAMOND, Beverly, Massachusetts
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His hair, a golden halo rim round him
Red lips against the pallor of his face
In a way he is, but more so, isn't,
The boy who said he wouldn't lose me

He is the boy who walks home day by day,
Alone, head bent low, his magnificent,
Fascinatingly blue eyes cast downward
To the concrete, on which his worn shoes tread

He is the boy who wears the same, always,
Besides his new camouflage uniform:
Shorts and a plain white T-shirt, unchanging
Short is the tale of how he lost me

He was the boy who laughed for no reason
He'd get me to join til neither could breathe
When you looked through a lens and said “say cheese!”
The photo would show him, looking at me

In a day we were laughing so glad to have
Each and the other as company, as we were
Lost in each other's eyes, endearingly
He promised he'd never lose me

He held the door open, to his heart, for me
And I walked in as if into my own home
With him I felt, in some sort of way, like I was there
Nothing else, but his smile, mattered to me then

I watched him shivering in freezing rain
As he put his coat round my bare shoulders
He was the boy who put me before him
He told me he'd never lose me

Then the day came when I felt my world
Crumble around me, as the only sound I knew:
His laugh, ceased to ring in my disheartened ears
His presence: my sanctuary, was infringed on

All that was him, by him I mean me, slipped away
So many months and I still remember the vision
Of her glare: on me, his eyes: on her, me: alone, and lost
He said he wouldn't lose me

The author's comments:
I am prone to getting lost in bad places, like giant stores, museums, and very, very big cities (I'm talking New York City), and my biggest crush ever and I had a running joke about how he always had to find me. He said he wouldn't let me get lost, but right now: I am

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