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I'm On A Ship Destined To Sink

August 30, 2016
By skematt PLATINUM, Shanghai, Other
skematt PLATINUM, Shanghai, Other
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Fate gives me a boarding pass to a ship destined to sink

It’s leaving soon, I’m not left with time to think.


Says I can go to dreams and fantasies I’ve never been;

Feel more joy than ever and see wonders I’ve never seen.


Left with the decision between logic and inner voice

Only to realize that life has no perfect choice.


A water without any turbulence can make no sea

Risks and first steps make life worth to be.


I have boarded the ship; I have taken my chances

Telling myself not to regret in any circumstances.


The time during the voyage is my life’s happiest days

I almost think that I could on this ship forever stay.


But like all good things, the cruise comes to an abrupt end

Hitting the forces of nature that no mortal strength can mend.


Drowned in happiness that the wrecking lays me shocked

Anxiety and apprehension have my immaturity mocked.


Regret floods through me, wishing I’ve never taken the deal

Taking the happiness signs my future as fate sealed.


At the final hour I desperately grope for life’s meaning

Is it a blink of exhilaration or uneventful daydreaming.


My life is and will be forever empty without this cruise

Between a moment or empty void it isn’t hard to choose.


Calmer than ever I close my eyes without grief or hate

Accepting the future I have chosen to create with fate.

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