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The Fairy and the Family

July 12, 2018
By InfiniteTruth SILVER, Jersey City, New Jersey
InfiniteTruth SILVER, Jersey City, New Jersey
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There was once a family I knew quite well

The father from Heaven, the mother from Hell

From this union, three daughters were born

One a beauty, two were sores

The beauty the youngest and all so fair

The elder with warts and wrinkles and hair

The father dead and buried deep

Only did the beauty weep

The mother and elder took the house

And treated the beauty like a mouse

One day the beauty was sent to the river

Mother would not go, for she wished to ruin her liver

As the mother drank the liquid drug

The beauty went out, feet in the mud

To the river she went, with the cup in one hand

And there she saw upon the land

An elder woman, shriveled and cold

Approaching the beauty, daring and bold

The woman asked the beauty for some of the water in her cup

The beauty granted this wish, and the woman drank it up

The old woman smiled, and thanked the beauty for her kindness

And then she transformed into a young fairy, with an everlasting brightness

The fairy thanked the beauty, and granted her a gift

Every time the beauty spoke, she’d spit out diamonds and golden bliss

The beauty returned to her mother, who demanded she explain this change

The beauty explained the old woman, and how this had been arranged

The mother sent out the elder sisters with hopes of getting rich

But little did they know, this fairy liked to switch

The daughters headed to the river, both a cup in hand

And there a woman sat on hardened sand

A woman looking young and healthy

She had blonde hair and looked so wealthy

She asked the girls for a sip from the cup

They told her it’s for a hag, that she should shut up

The woman was enraged with these words, and transform she did

Into the fairy who had granted the beauty’s bliss

The woman then said “I have a gift for you”

Not all gifts are kind, so this stood true

The daughters returned home, mother waiting at the door

“Did you bring me my gift? My gold and diamond galore?”

“I don’t know” said the eldest. “I am unsure”

And at that, frogs and bugs came out with every word

The second daughter spoke, and this was repeated

To put this in modern terms, their mother was heated

The beauty spoke, and out fell the riches and flowers

All of this due to one fairy’s power

But not only was it the fairy that made this all happen

It was their daughters, and their decided actions

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