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Something More

July 22, 2018
By InfiniteTruth SILVER, Jersey City, New Jersey
InfiniteTruth SILVER, Jersey City, New Jersey
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We always talked for days on end

And you never made it feel like a chore

It was then I knew you were not just a boyfriend

But you were something so much more

It was in bio class we first got each others sight

Oh how you would snore

So when you texted me all night

I knew there was something more

I remember when I got detention

Because I got to school after 8:34

You came with me and showered me with attention

It was then that I knew there was something more

Before that, you said you needed to tell me something

And I had an idea, but I wasn’t sure

So I said before practice I have nothing

And accepted that our friendship might be more

We went to the mall that day, and you bought me food

Because you wanted to make sure I didn’t pass out on the floor

After basketball practice, and I made you eat with me to not be rude

But I knew there had to be more

You told me you had feelings for me and I began to laugh and smile

That sight made your face look quite sore

I explained it was out of disbelief for I liked you for a while

So, obviously, we felt something more

Before you could ask me out, I commented on the night sky

And how it was a beauty my eyes loved to explore

You said that I was the true beauty in your eyes

You then apologized, but I knew there was something more

I realized I had to get to school quick

Because I was never late to practice before

You ran with me and risked getting sick

Because we both knew there was something more

Before we departed, I kissed your cheek

And quickly ran for the school door

It was confirmed--- your love was what I seeked

Because there was clearly something more

A few days later, I had a basketball game

And rushed onto the gym floor

In the crowd, I saw you had came

Because you knew there was something more

You told me you were waiting for me

And I ran quickly through the school corridor

At the end, you were all I could see

Your face said there was something more

You asked me to be yours

And I said, “Of course”

You held me with a gentle force

We both felt that there was something more

You admitted you wanted to give me a kiss

And I admitted I was scared but wanted it to the core

And so when I felt you touch my lips

I couldn’t deny that there was something more

We talked about when we would marry

And we talked about the world we would explore

But when he said his children are what I would one day carry

The world knew there was something more

When I met his family and he met mine

And he became someone I adored

We gave one another all of our time

And we became something more

I fell more in love with every kiss

And every smile made me soar

Whenever he left, he was what I missed

Because he was something more

He is my best friend, he is my smile and my laugh

He is the love of my life, and he is where my happiness is stored

He is my everything, and my better half

That is why Emad, my love, means something more

The author's comments:

My boyfriend (Emad M.) and I have been dating since December 14, 2015. It was and still is one of the best days of my life, and the love I have for him grows stronger every second. Although he is not the biggest poetry fan, I wanted to put the love I have for him in one of my favorite forms of writing--- poetry. I love him more than I could ever put into words, but I still love dedicating such poems to him.

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