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Dear Apathy

August 19, 2018
By FluffMania BRONZE, Republic, Missouri
FluffMania BRONZE, Republic, Missouri
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"Your need for acceptance can make you invisible in this world." -Jim Carrey

Dear Apathy

I want you out

You managed to weasel yourself into my mind one day

And I never recognized the damage you caused until now

So while you’ve had your fun

It’s time for you to go

Dear Apathy

Your friends are no more welcome than you are

Yes, I am talking about Conformity and Impulse

Conformity redecorates my brain so I blend in

And Impulse overrides my thoughts so I act in the now

Without consideration of how it affects the future

This is my head, and you are not allowed to invite whomever you want

Because you mingle with people that consume me

Dear Apathy

I don’t appreciate your effect on me

You keep me from the things that I love

The things that bring me joy

For I no longer care enough to break my habits for them

In fact, you have redirected nearly all of my caring

So that I don’t care as much about important issues anymore

And I often struggle to find words that will get a proper message across

You have changed me for the worse

And that is unacceptable

Dear Apathy

You are such a hypocrite

You hate any hint of caring so much

You are dead-set on stripping me of it all

Yet allow me to care about how others view me

What they think of me

If I fit into socially acceptable parameters

That drive me further from who I really am

With all that you've done

The least you could do is make me not care about those things

Instead of crushing me further by allowing those concerns to stay

Dear Apathy

Don’t give me that look

I know you don’t care about what I have to say

That is, perhaps, the thing about you that hurts me the most:

You never cared

You wandered in for your own benefit

Leeched upon me as if I wouldn’t mind

Corrupted me with your ways

Allowed your friends to do the same

And through it all, you never cared

What’s more, you made me not care enough to stop you

Dear Apathy

I want you out

I have allowed your shenanigans thus far

But you are no longer welcome here

Correction: you were never welcome here

So return all that you have stolen from me and pack your bags

It’s time for you to go

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