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September 21, 2018
By AlinaLee GOLD, Hogansburg, New York
AlinaLee GOLD, Hogansburg, New York
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I awaken to the sound of your voice.

“Rise my love, Rise from your harmonious slumber”

My lashes shutter as I open my eyes.

Your head hovers just above mine.

You open your mouth to reveal pearl-white teeth

~What a perfect smile you wear upon your face~

I brush my fingers through your luscious hair as I gently pull you closer to me.

I close my eyes and purse my lips as I lay a kiss upon yours.

I remember the words you say to me often;

“Our Love, is much like the sun. Burning with passion, luminous, admirable, but best of all, it will never fade or disappear. Our Love is Infinite.”

I look into your eyes and feel as if inside them, your soul lies.

“I love you” I whisper softly.

My alarm sounds, indicating that it’s time for me to wake.

I sit up on my bed and sigh.

It was just a dream.

What a naive little girl I am for thinking you may still love me.

The author's comments:

Sometimes you can see and feel them when you fall asleep. When you wake up it hurts knowing they're gone. So you fall asleep again, and you never want to wake up. You just want to be with them one way or another, real or not.

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