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Closed Door

September 25, 2018
By Miraculous_Sparky GOLD, Louisville, Kentucky
Miraculous_Sparky GOLD, Louisville, Kentucky
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Once the door was open

but now it never will again.

I'm in a room, in complete darkness

I never thought I would be in this room again.

Yet here I am in the shallow corner 

alone and lost.

Not able to get out because of the Closed Door.

But a part of me wanted to stay in that room

forever and sulk in my sorrows.

I hear voices that my heart recognizes

without a second thought.

I hear the words of comfort

and yet upon hearing them

my eyes start to swell with the tears of my misery.

I slowly get up from my corner

and walk over to the Closed Door

feeling a heavy weight on my weak body.

I raise my shaking hand to the noob on the door.

I feel the ice cold metal on my finger tips

and Lock the Door.

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