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Lock and Key

October 3, 2018
By Miraculous_Sparky GOLD, Louisville, Kentucky
Miraculous_Sparky GOLD, Louisville, Kentucky
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Where is the key?

Oh, please tell me, where is the key!?

I have tried so many but,

I just can’t find the right one.

Why won’t you open up to me?

Is it something I did, or something I said?

I just want to see the treasure that is inside,

But why must it always be under lock and key?

I often think about how beautiful the treasure

Inside might be, as well as how

Amazing it would be to have it.

And you wouldn’t need to worry

I would protect it with my life

And I give you my word that it will never break.

So, tell me why? Am I not worthy?

Just please tell me why you always have to

Keep your heart under lock and key?

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