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Let My World Turn

December 17, 2018
By Anonymous

In the haze of unrequitement and loneliness, Dear, you’re there drinking your liver dead again.

And hallelujah,

You’re beautiful for now.

Cara means friend, and also darling,

And also beloved.

I wish for only those,

And your bleached purple hair can fulfill the rest.

Your blue eyes fall quiet at the sight of my own.

Your eyes are red from the weed and crying again,

Because you always cry when you’re high and feeling.

Your room is a globe, I remember that,

And you constantly scrape my mind for this most eloquent of words.

I’ll write you a sonnet, so that you remember a time in which things were right.

Darling, I’ll let the world turn slow,

Because the most intricate of the verses among verses cannot rhyme,

And the earth’s most beautiful things cannot be symmetric.

I wish to scour the seas for every bit of love the naked eye can see,

Beyond that,

Because you deserve it all.

Thank you.

You taught me where truth falls in lies,

Smart people words that will always be real.

And hallelujah,

A husk speaks poetry.

You tell me you are not the same as them,

And if that was true you would be a simple figment of a winter’s dream,

And a gentle longing-

The poets are the lonely ones after all.

The author's comments:

About a girl who appeared in my dreams. 

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