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January 11, 2019
By Air GOLD, Frisco, Texas
Air GOLD, Frisco, Texas
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Doubt kills more dream then failure ever will

Looking back

Back when the grass was green

When the sky was blue

What happened

They came

The fear

It destroyed everything

The land beneath our feet

The air we breath

They took it

Captured us

Only memories of what we had is the only thing we have left

Now lava runs where streams were

Citys repaced with fortresses for them

Skys are now black

They changed our names to numbers

Our home is gone

Memories keep us together

Memories keep us sane

But soon they will make memories tear us apart

They will fade

We will fade

They have enslaved us

Summoning us when needed

We are left in vain


We are left to


The author's comments:

How easy things can take over

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