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Saying Our Goodbyes

January 22, 2019
By gymnast_gabby4 GOLD, Providence Village, Texas
gymnast_gabby4 GOLD, Providence Village, Texas
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I feel the tears flow down my cheek

Delicate words as he speaks

I remember them as though they were yesterday

But mom says all we can do is pray

Remembering the memory, it’s as though it never ends

Waiting, as time goes on, reading the letters he sends

Flashbacks to childhood with laughs, and hugs

Looking back on the time we made music with jugs

Memories you can never let go

Memories like eating cookie dough

Memories that are treasured forever

But, those are memories that you can never let go

Sometimes sibling can be a hassle

But not when playing and making sand castles

Like father, like mother

That’s my big brother

The one who laughed and played,

Time that seems like yesterday

Memories that will last forever, treasured

Memories that you can only have none other

Memories and feeling you can only have with a brother

So as my arms are wrapped around him

I remember the times he's gone out on a limb

I remember the times i sometimes hated him

I remember the times we laughed and played, and to wish they were yesterday

So as we wave goodbye

We give a great sigh

Even though he is 5,133 miles away

I still talk to him everyday.

The author's comments:

This was when we were at the airport after christmas break. Saying our goodbyes to my older brother who was going back to Fort Hood to be deployed to Germany.

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