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April 1, 2019
By gymnast_gabby4 GOLD, Providence Village, Texas
gymnast_gabby4 GOLD, Providence Village, Texas
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Behind my mask

Is a face I cannot show

It’s hidden

For a reason

My mask is made

From happiness

Joy, passions,

And friends.

Not existent

Of course

My real body

Is torn to shreds

Ripped apart

Piece by piece


They laughed

While I cried

They stood there,

And laughed

While I was dying

Being pulled apart

To them it was fun

To me it was pain

They don’t know

My story, my life,

That I hate myself

But it gives them joy

I am positive

When I want to cry,

Die, just end it

End the pain.

But I don’t,

I do it for them

I let them hurt me

They take their anger

And take it out on me

I'm torn to bits and pieces

But at least they’re happy

They’re satisfied

They’re ok


But they don’t know the truth

I'm dying

I let them do it

So I don't have to

They see the mask

And say it's ok

But they see the joy

They see the happiness

Not the truth

The truth hides

I hid, behind my dresser

In my closet

Like a kid

I was hiding

While being tortured

But it found me

After all these years

It found me

I jumped when i heard the knock

It was back

Back for me

Back for the pain

I hid, but I can’t hide forever

It found me, now, I show the truth


I still pretend to be happy

But sometimes,

I break, into a million pieces

But its the truth

I can’t hide from it forever

The truth is

The pain, crying,

Tears, hurt,

Hate, and much more

It’s back

I’m in a cage

Stuck, no way to get out

It’s back, and it’s never leaving me

Puppy guarding my cage

Laughing, snickering

Waiting for me to die

It wants me to

But that mask

It keeps me safe

That mask

Lets me stay alive

NO one knows the truth

It waits outside my door

Never leaving

But it's ok

Now everyone knows

That, that mask, was a lie.

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