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April 11, 2019
By Air GOLD, Frisco, Texas
Air GOLD, Frisco, Texas
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Doubt kills more dream then failure ever will

The sea is a calming thing

The coming and falling

Rolling in and sliding back

Picking up the sand

Each different than the last

All come together to create masterpieces

Carried to the bottom of the oceans

To the darkest place

And the peacefullest

Or getting caught at the top

With the corals

A rainbow under water

The water forests

With the kelp and animals

Then getting carried away again

To the top of the world

Or the bottom

Or to the other side of the world

Everything changing

Always a new sight

Always a new adventure

Always moving

Never ending

Never moving backwards

Never alone

Never gonna stop

With family

You are at home

The author's comments:

Family and going with it 

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