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Behind My Eyes

April 11, 2019
By gymnast_gabby4 GOLD, Providence Village, Texas
gymnast_gabby4 GOLD, Providence Village, Texas
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Behind my brown eyes

Are scared little people

Running, screaming,

Trying to get out

Behind my brown eyes

Are thoughts you can’t see

Images you can’t imagine

Nightmares you hope to never see

Behind my brown eyes

Are reasons I’m me

Reasons im afraid

Reasons I cant explain

Behind my brown eyes

Are things i can never unsee

Things i wish i could let go

People trying to escape

Escape the thoughts

The feelings

The reasons


Trying to escape

The hatred

The judgments

The images

The thoughts

Those pictures

The pictures,

Those pictures

Made them scared

Those pictures, sounds


Made them run for their lives,

Insane, and afraid.

Afraid of who i am

Afriad of my past and story

Afraid to let people near me

Afraid of everything

They want to escape

Leave the thoughts behind

Leave whatever happened

Start a new life.

But they can’t

They’re trapped

Never able to get out

Constantly seeing those, those


Whatever it is, they can’t unsee it

They’re trapped

Looking at it 24/7

They can’t escape,

And they will never know.

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