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Moving to the City

February 20, 2021
By serenapei123 PLATINUM, San Jose, California
serenapei123 PLATINUM, San Jose, California
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My dark shadows formed under a dim streetlight, here

This empty feeling as I stand alone on stage, in

An abandoned, dirty, polluted

Alley, between the walls are airways

So thin that only silences fills the atmosphere and 

The air is saturated with toxic 

Smoke. I watch the streetlights blink on like sunsets,

Yellow and weak and flickering once in a while. I 

Fail to control my new sense of loneliness as I cling 

Onto my past memories, unable to 

Look forward to the future that awaits, the 

Hopeful signals of promise. I learn to push those ghostly 

Remnants of my past away, letting strands 

Of regret slip into the void, curious of 

What’s next. To my new city, I hope your 

Hidden brilliance will eventually make me smile.

The author's comments:

The last word of each line corresponds to the words by Mine Serizama's "In a Parallel Universe", “Here in polluted airways and toxic sunsets I cling to the ghostly strands of your smile.”

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