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April 15, 2021
By milaneboudou BRONZE, Austin, Texas
milaneboudou BRONZE, Austin, Texas
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My hearing muffled, my vision blurred,

I’ve shut out the world. 

I'm in a new universe.

I let the water carry my weightless body.

I could care less where I go.

I’ve escaped,

I feel like a different person, 

I feel calm.

As I enjoy my few seconds of absolute peace,

a small ache buried underneath my ribs starts to grow.

It’s battling inside of me,

Hitting my lungs, 

Getting stronger with every punch.


It consumes me,

reminding me I can’t stay here forever.

I’ve come to my senses;

This haven can kill me.

Why can’t I stay?

I start to move arms and legs quickly,

trying to reach the surface.

As it starts to feel like my body is about to give in,

I break through.

I gasp for air,

the pain is gone.

The noises of the outdoors fill my ears.

I’m back to reality.

I’m back.

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