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Finally Getting Up

May 5, 2021
By junoscorner SILVER, Northbrook, Illinois
junoscorner SILVER, Northbrook, Illinois
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Favorite Quote:
"No one's gonna catch us now."
-Cavetown, Devil Town

For some reason

Until now 

I have not seen my worth

And it is so sad

That it had to be you 

To show it to me

I have never been treated like this

Felt so good about myself

Laughed so much

Been so excited to talk to someone

I'm scared of being hurt

But when you look into my eyes

All the worries go away

And I am left with questioning myself

What is my next move

I see the stars behind your eyes

The glimmer you get

I can tell this is all new for you

How long did I have to wait

To find someone who would care about me

The way you do

And have someone to care about

To see a morning text

To smile 

And realize I'm not alone

There is so much 

Behind those eyes of yours

I could swim in them for years

And never find out what is hidden behind them

I have so many questions

So many things to talk to you about

So many words left unspoken

How do I tell someone

That this is so new

So fresh

That the wounds are all slowly healing

With every touch

Every brush against my skin

Every breath into my ear

My limbs ache

My head is pounding

My heart is splintered

But somehow you found me in time

And for that I am eternally grateful

The author's comments:

I have never been able to find a steady relationship with anyone in life. Not just dating but friends, family, etc. So much trauma has led up to a moment of complete shock and enlightenment. It seems like everything is finally coming together for me and I am so scared of it slipping away.

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