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Poison and Choices

November 12, 2021
By Dragonrider16 GOLD, Fort Calhoun, Nebraska
Dragonrider16 GOLD, Fort Calhoun, Nebraska
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we are all born with a divine fire in us. our effort should be to give wings to this fire.


the options

but never ever 

the broken or

smooth road

you hear me

I am screaming

for justice

but for what notice

a joyful heart

can lead to being a 

broken hearted person

and yet 

I hear poison

but hey

you were the one who drank it

after putting it in my cup

and seeing all the drops gone

so you could see my pain


I didn't suffer 

from your poisonous reign

I lived 

and breathed

while you

watched me


That maybe 

the poison

wouldn't hurt me

cuase it didn't

I have a God who 

loves me

but you poison everybody 

with not regular poison

but poisonous words 

with a toxic energy

but me 

I am protected

and you

well you can try


you can't poison me

The author's comments:

I write this to explain words are toxic and in this they are poisonous, so shout this out, You are a worthy person and guess what you are immune to their poison. You can do it and know this I beleive in you if nobody else does. 

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