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The Empty People

July 20, 2022
By MosesBanford BRONZE, Caldwell, Idaho
MosesBanford BRONZE, Caldwell, Idaho
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There is a place

A place far away

Colorless and desolate

Void of God’s love and grace

The sky is gray

The sun is black

With no mountains or hills

No rivers, or lakes

Here I live

Here I wait

Our Father sent me here

So here I shall stay

Watching the lost souls

That populate this desolate place

Walking on the endless plain

Their hearts bare

They wander to and fro

Not knowing who they are

Their faces are pale

Their eyes empty

Their backs hunched

And their mouths gaping

They serve no purpose

But to wander this hollow world

Searching for something

In the dead, burning light

Mindless creatures they are

Crying out into the sky

Slowing withering away

With every second that passes by.

Being continuously Tortured

Constantly Tormented

Wracked with pain,

A pain I cannot stop

No one can

On their own journey

They must be

Searching for their purpose

For their own identity

So here, I watch

Carefully observing

But not interfering.

For some will find it

Their peace, their purpose

Something that cannot be taken

A thing made only for them.

When they find it, they turn to me

And see me as I am

No more a stranger

But a friend

I put forth my hand,

Their life restoring

They rise up into the air

Full of power and glory

They vanish from sight

No more must they stay

I know not where they go

But I dream of going there one day

For it is good.

But not today

Today I wait

Watching these wanderers

Trapped in this world of decay

These are the people,

The people without life, 

Without joy, 

without meaning,

Without purpose.

The Empty People

The author's comments:

I am an aspiring author, and recently attended BYU Young Authors Academy. I mainly write Thriller, Sci-Fi stories. Aside from writing I enjoy composing music and playing the piano.

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