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Dear Depression

August 31, 2022
By Feelingitnowmrkrabs SILVER, North Pole, Alaska
Feelingitnowmrkrabs SILVER, North Pole, Alaska
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Dear Depression. 

I can't stand this pain anymore. 

Our first encounter really broke me down to my core. 

You pushed me to believe, That I couldn't take it anymore. 

You've won five to none, I've been keeping score. 

I rarely leave my bed.

It's not because I'm bored. 

Medications make me numb.

I feel as if I'm broken. 

I've worked on getting better, I feel the same as before. 

This got me f***ed up. 

I hide how i feel behind a mask. 

I've gotten used to saying "I'm fine" whenever people ask. 

I put on a hard shell but I have a heart made of glass. 

They say to move forward,

I'm on the road with no gas. 

Dear Depression, I don't want this to last. 

The author's comments:

This poem is a letter to my depression and my struggles with it. 

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