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Go away

September 3, 2022
By Violet18 GOLD, Houston, Texas
Violet18 GOLD, Houston, Texas
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"Sometimes there is a fire that burns within. Unable to be put out, it brings sadness and tears, but those tears are what is able to put the fire out"

Sometimes I feel like I’m invisible. Like nobody can see who I really am. Not even me. My anxiety engulfs me into a sense of unknowing. It controls me. I’m so afraid of what people will think of my real self. I’m trying to make friends; maybe then I will discover who I am. But I don’t feel strong enough. I feel so weak. Especially being a woman. There have been times where I don’t want to admit to myself how I’m feeling. My mind says that will be too hard and my energy is already so drained. I feel lost inside myself. I get so anxious I feel like nobody cares. I just want it to go away. Please just go away.

The author's comments:

This is how I'm feeling going into high school.

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