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A letter to the loved

September 21, 2009
By itsmekarli GOLD, Deep River, Connecticut
itsmekarli GOLD, Deep River, Connecticut
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Dear Papa,
The other day a piece went missing
I wasn’t there to say goodbye
Now I can’t have that piece back, no matter how hard I try
A sun has now set, a light has dimmed
But it has not completely gone out
For your life is still present all around us,
your life we have not forgotten about
I can still hear the tone of your soft voice
from whenever you would speak
And I can still picture the way you’d always watch TV
and I guarantee you’d fall asleep
These memories are love
I can still feel that little nudge you’d put on my shoulder ever so gently
Since you were a man of little words, this was your signal of hello to me
These memories are love
When I’d stay over at your house and spend time with you,
it was the greatest vacation away
I wish that I could go back, and be with you everyday
These memories are love
The fondest of my memories lies in the small town Humarock
It‘s there where you made Sunday morning breakfasts and relaxed on the deck during every o’clock
These memories are love
I cherish all the moments from when you held me as a child
Until you last held my hand
You’ll be remembered as not only a friend but also a grandpa, a father, and a husband
You may have left the earth we see, but there is something that I know
There will be a piece of you inside each one of us, even as our family continues to grow
You may not be with me now, as you watch me from heaven above
But you are always right here in my heart;
When I think of you, I think of love
Love is not only something you can see or do
Love, you can feel in the air
And even though like love, I cannot see you Papa
I know you are always there.
Love always,

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