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September 23, 2009
By CiaoB3lLa GOLD, North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina
CiaoB3lLa GOLD, North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina
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Butterflies in my stomach, fluttering timelessly away
The hope of being noticed, I stop and have nothing to say.
There are no words to explain me, nor expressions I can accept
Except the continuous confusion of my time between life and death.
They soar all around me, trembling as I walk
My words stutter spontaneously, then they pause as soon as I talk.
But within each moment - A moment I can spare
My imagination racing and my butterflies caught in despair.
My emotions are floating, Being stalked by my thoughts
My butterflies – exploding, Afraid all my hope is lost.
Still the happiness inside of me, yet burns extremely bright
They show me true comfort, And guide me towards the light.
These beautiful creatures – not anyone alike
All live for the day, come storming to my side, to take me away.
The loneliness I know, They understand quite well
Still they cheer me up, and rescue me from my hell.
My mind out of control, and my head spinning so fast
These butterflies I love, Always surprisingly last.
As soon as I give up, and think all faith is gone
They vanish from nowhere, Still standing strong.
Flying about, Ensuring my safety
I scream aloud, Thank you for saving me.
I’m happy again – for now
-My conscious awaits

The author's comments:
Butterflies inspired me; their known to be a token of good luck. Their so peaceful and at ease, their around when you least expect it, kind of like a guardian angle watching over, to give you hope when you may not think you need it. its exquisite.

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