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September 24, 2009
By AlwaysWrite28 DIAMOND, Flushing, New York
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Didn’t know Homer very well
Only saw him a handful of times
I remember his speech for that anniversary
Adored his artwork hung on Grandma’s walls
He was an artist
E-mailed Homer a little while
Shared jokes and e-cards
Wished each other happy birthday, happy holiday
Every year, on my birthday a check for exactly
$15 in the mail and a card he made himself
Not sure why he sent it, but he always did
Saw Homer when I was a kid
At the family’s favorite hotel
He took photos of nature
We played simon says and bingo
Grandma’s favorite game
Homer lived far away in the land of always summer
He visited a few weeks ago, I’m all grown up now
He was happy to see us all
We caught up for a while then he had to go
The last thing he told me was,
“You’re talented kiddo”
Got a phone call today that Grandma was sad
Because Homer has a few hours left
Instead of honoring a great man,
The family is fighting about funeral arrangements
About who will show up and who they don’t want to see
Not me
I think about all I knew from Homer
I remember all I can
And I am in sorrow over all the times we never had
But should have
This one is for Homer
Who will be missed and loved forever

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