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You are who you are

September 28, 2009
By Louis GOLD, Paris, Other
Louis GOLD, Paris, Other
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Have you ever seen the eyes
Every morning I disguise
To hide these tiresome tears
And raise the casual cheers?

Up to now it was fine, for
I’m a proficient actor
But now you claim to know me
Let me state it’s not easy

Every single time I lie
To myself
Sometimes I just can’t hold on

Do I persevere or struggle?
Should I keep hoping or sink?
Does it really matter?

When we’re walking side by side
I just leave my thoughts aside
For an hour I forget
Although they come back at night

One morning I’ll wake up
From this dream within a dream
And when you walk on by
Far away from their sights
You’ll whisper in my ear
So softly:
‘Be yourself’…

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