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One Step from the Sidewalk

October 12, 2009
By BillyJoeBobKellyGeorge PLATINUM, Gardena, California
BillyJoeBobKellyGeorge PLATINUM, Gardena, California
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Hurried glances dart from left to right
The intersection is packed chock-full with busy cars
A blur of colors race past me
The hustle and bustle of the crowded streets
Almost whisk me away but before then…
One step from the sidewalk…

I close my nervous eyes
With my hands, I cover them
Occasionally peeking through my fingers
Letting God (Whoever you May Be) take my fate
Another step from the sidewalk…

I’m still alive (good sign)
To test the waters,
My hand reaches out
“OUCH!” I yell as my hand smacks a car
Almost as if intentionally hit
One step back…

Refusing to cross the street
My feet are glued to the cement
My long fingers twiddle by my side
As the next move is contemplated
Again, one step from the sidewalk

And another step and another…
Using my apt hearing skills,
I meander through the traffic
A yellow taxi comes to an abrupt halt
My eyes open
Relieved that I’m still alive…
I rush to the sidewalk in front of me

Hallelujah! Hallelujah once more!
But my shoe sits lonesome on the other side
Caught in the cracks from the concrete
One step from the sidewalk...

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