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You and Me Together Forever

October 19, 2009
By Fayth.G PLATINUM, Boise, Idaho
Fayth.G PLATINUM, Boise, Idaho
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"The heart was made to be broken" -Oscar Wild-
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Every day I hope that you and I can be best friends
Because you and I think a lot alike
And you are the cutest boy in school
But for what seems like forever
You finally talk to me
Every day our friendship grows bigger and bigger
Our friendship started as one or two conversations a day to
Hours on the phone
And in one conversation
All the hard work I have done to become your friend has been ruined
All because of a couple of simple words
“Will you go out with me?”
Now we don’t even have one or two conversations a day
Let alone say one word to each other
I now hate those 6 simple words
I never want to say them to any guy EVER again
I always dreamt of you and me being together forever
But I can only blame myself for what happened between you and me
Now when I see you I the halls I just want to cry
The last day of school I see you heading my way
Not knowing you are going to talk to me
As you come up to me you whisper “yes” into my ear
Then you kiss me on the cheek and walk away
When I can’t see you any longer, I start to cry
These tears are not tears of sadness but tears of joy
I have waited it seems like my whole life for you to say that one simple word to me
Now that you have
I hope you and me will be together forever

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