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Raged Wars to get to the Bottom of the Earth

October 22, 2009
By BillyJoeBobKellyGeorge PLATINUM, Gardena, California
BillyJoeBobKellyGeorge PLATINUM, Gardena, California
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"Life is what we make it, always has been, always will be." ~ grandma moses

Raged wars to go to the bottom of the earth,
dirt-clad with my bike in its trail
to see life flow seemingly
from the lackluster to the epic,
from the night to the crack of dawn, peeking
through fluffy clouds of seemingly mass proportions.
At last – simplest terms in knowing – time will take its course
Winding down as I wind the clock back to its place
Alarms ringing, alarming me…slowly
Unduly issues – issues of black and white newspapers
That try to poison the already corrupted mind
Whose life lays within the exuberance
Of life itself…
As change and growth can only wish
Can only pray
Can only say
That I’ve raged the wars to get to the bottom of the Earth
And at last, you’re the path that I’m willing to take

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