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Life, Told As It Is

December 4, 2009
By Kayleen SILVER, Centralia, Washington
Kayleen SILVER, Centralia, Washington
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Life is just life
its nothing more
all u do is have some fun
do some bad things
regret a lot
fall in love
get your heart broken
fall in love again
get married
get old
and then u die

everyone has to go through life
there i no way out
so don't complain about it
if a guy dumps u, move on
if ur friends be trade u, then they weren't really true friends
if u don't get the person or thing u want, boo-hoo
remember if something doesn't go the way u want it to
then it wasn't meant to happen

if u think ur life is perfect, well ur wrong
as soon as it is, its all going to crash down, and burn
u maybe thinking “nah that can never happen to me!”
if so, then u r never going to survive
sorry but life is never going to be good forever
i know it sucks but hey u just need to learn to deal with it

and that -person who is reading this- that is life

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