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Peices Of My Heart

January 9, 2010
By ninjaaboo BRONZE, Ledyard, Connecticut
ninjaaboo BRONZE, Ledyard, Connecticut
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Just because I'm not like you, Don't assume I don't feel, I do care, I apreciate, I love. I show it in a different way. Your supposed to be close to me, know me, love me. If you can't just look at me and see the hurt in my eyes, you don't care. You don't pay attention, your love is a lie. I haven't eatin in days, you haven't noticed, but you love me right? you yell at me because you don't understand me. No one understands me. This revelation leaves me broken and empty. I feel so alone and I'm supposed to be able to go to you in these times, but your the one making me feel this way. So where do i go? All i want is for someone to understand and reach out to me. Hold me when I'm broken. Put the peices of my heart back together. Make me whole again.

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