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Weeds: The Misunderstood Plants

January 1, 2010
By Hannah_K. PLATINUM, Scottsdale, Arizona
Hannah_K. PLATINUM, Scottsdale, Arizona
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Nobody cares about weeds.
They “ruin your yard and even your garden” (False)
They “use up the nutrients reserved for your BETTER plants” (False)
Once they migrate into your yard
So innocent and yet, so hated
You annihilate them, you break a sweat
Ripping them from their roots
They end up in the trash.

Weeds are as unwanted as criminals and cancer.
People have no pity on the weeds
Why are they there in the first place?
No one provides a safe home for the weeds,
So they have to find their own
They find an area with water and rich soil:
Your yard
There they thrive, until you stop them
And from there they are forced to move along
To yet another unhappy gardener

Some people are like weeds.
Not because they grow very fast
Or because they seem rather scraggly
But because no one wants them
And they must find a safe place to rest their weary soul
Much like weeds, yes?
And occasionally, not often, a person may come
And care for the person
But still
Nobody cares about weeds.

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