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Sweetest sorrow

January 1, 2010
By itsmekarli GOLD, Deep River, Connecticut
itsmekarli GOLD, Deep River, Connecticut
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Her name
Blooms out of you like a garden of love
Makes you feel warm, makes you feel bright
Her name, like rays of light
Shining, to you, feeding your love
Secretly causing despair
To me, clouds of rain
Her name
Bends my frame, too much to bear
He loves me, he loves me not
Her name drops like petals
Slowly drifting to the ground
My silent tears seep down
Don’t take your time to stop and smell the roses
Look beyond the now faded flower
That once stuck out in the field
Look beyond her name
Pick a new flower, fresh and bright
My name
And ask yourself now
How could something so sweet, be your only sorrow?
She’s wilted into yesterday
I’ll still be here tomorrow
Keep one petal, keep memories
Let the rest go with the breeze
Her name, My name
Maybe one day
To me, and to you
Both could at last, be as equally sweet

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