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We're Breaking Apart

January 18, 2010
By Dreaa:D BRONZE, Del Rio, Texas
Dreaa:D BRONZE, Del Rio, Texas
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My mom's not the mother I once new.
Telling me all her childhood stories.
Or listening to my every problem.
Not the warm and sweet lady she was.
But now just a bitter ice queen.
We're breaking apart.

My dad's not the fatherly figure I remember.
Not the strong rock he was.
Always being stable and supportive.
His weaknesses and soft spots are earier to view.
And slowly, he is cracking.
There's no going back now,
We're breaking apart.

My home is no longer the safe santuary it was.
Where I would bake cookies with my mom,
Where I'd play catch with my dad,
And it's no longer the castle my sister and I pretended it to be.
We're breaking apart.

Instead, its has transformed into a dungeon.
Where my so called "family" and I are imprisoned.
And we each have our own cell
Where we spend our days.
You can feel the tribulation seeping through the walls.
It's the worst feeling or sorrow and misery.
It's sad to say,
We've broken apart.

The author's comments:
I'm starting to feel that my family is just falling apart. I had this in my head one night so I just wrote about it.

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