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My freedom

February 3, 2010
By KLD1992 GOLD, Bradford, Massachusetts
KLD1992 GOLD, Bradford, Massachusetts
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I lied today
Because it wasn’t
True when I said I missed you too
All those year are fading along with my memories of you
Are you the one I loved
Promised to be ever so true to
What happened to us then
I believed our love was going to last
But it is all in the past now
With that thought I walk away without ever saying I need you too because it isn’t true I not a little girl looking for a savior I don’t need to be save
I not going to cave in at the first sign of being hurt
for being hurt is not what I’m scary of
what is
Is the place I used to live
A room without window
A lock without key
But I set myself free
by just being me
So leave me be
Don’t try to push
Your insecurities on me
I’m better than that

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