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How Much I Love You

February 16, 2010
By Skittlez PLATINUM, Whabawhahoo, Wyoming
Skittlez PLATINUM, Whabawhahoo, Wyoming
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I feel like words aren't enough
to say how much I love you
and when I try to make them suffice
I get lost in your eyes and forget
Well, not so much forget
but the words I thought to say
seem meaningless and hardly appropriate
to describe the way I feel
but still I try
There are so many things
I love about you really
just everything about you
my mind is swept away
with each thought
Like your smile
the way it lights up my world
pentatrating the cracks
and crevices of my soul
I could wait a century
just to see that smile
I savor your touch, your hands
like tiny chips of ice
chill and cold at first
but then they melt and become
soft and warm as they
find their way inside
tracing curves
deliberate and focused
like a figure skater in routine
so exact
so beautiful
I taste your kiss inside my mouth
so gentle and sweet like carmel
yet spicy and aggressive like fire
I can't help but to indulge
in my sweet obsession
I feel your strong grip on me
as you pull me close
and closer
into the comfort of your arms
thhe strong, muscular arms
wrapped around me
enclosing me within
I love to sink inside, protected
comforted by the steady beating of your heart
its reassuring, never changing
It makes me feel safe.
The very thought of you
still makes me smile and blush
like a giddy girl with a crush
your lips pressed on mine
make my stomach flutter
soft, but strong, guiding mine
gentle and flowing
like a rippling wave
as the ocean
of emotions swell between us
I love how my hands
fit perfectly in yours
like a puzzle piece
you complete me
The way you lift my face to yours
the perfect balance of gentle aggression
the way you whisper in my ear
'I love you' and that I'll always be yours
the way you look at me
like I'm the sun
and you the earth
revolvinaround my every move
I'm not that special
I've only got one life to live
and just one death to die
you know I'd gladly give it up
for a single day with you
In short, you are my everything
you're all I ever wanted
I swear I would do whatever
just to keep you here forever
here with me forever
You're the air that I breathe
I inhale, never want to let you out
you fill me up
like a hot air balloon
and I rise above this darkened world
to be with the angels
and to be with you
you're like my oxygen
living without you is impossible
I hope I never have to
I could never be the same again
forever crippled, haunted by the memories
that you and I have made
Baby I have to let you know
just how much I love you
I know you'll never forget
as long as I'm around
because I'd always be here
to remind you if you did
I just need you to understand
what I'm trying to say
I don't care what you look like
how fast you can run
how high you can jump
or how much of anything
except how much I love you
all I want is you
all I need is you
and I love you just the way you are
so don't ever change
you know I'll stick around
for as long as you want me too
(and probably longer)
and no matter what happens
Babe I'll always be in love with you
and that's a promise

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