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Perfect Heart Break

March 13, 2010
By MorningStar15 DIAMOND, Orange, Vermont
MorningStar15 DIAMOND, Orange, Vermont
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How I am doing without you is hard to explain
It’s like nothing I’ve felt before
Like the pouring rain
The butterflies try to escape my stomach
To try to find their way back to you
And my eyes wander the crowd
To see if you are there
They cry
I’ve found that it’s possible to cry without tears
And to have a lot of fears
I should hate you
You lied to me
Hurt me
After I told you how I felt about you
You lead me on for too long
You keep me thinkin’ I had a chance
When in reality
I was wrong
I could have meant nothing to you
And never even known it
Because I know you’re with her now
So much more stunning than I
Everything I wish I could have been for you
And maybe even more
Now when I see her
Or both
I taste my own pain
Because I bit my lip too hard
I am trying to stay close to you
But I have to try not to whimper in front of you
That won’t get me anywhere
I just don’t understand why you thought this would be okay
And I should have know that you were a heart break
In a perfect package
At night I dream of you
And wake up saying your name
And I know you might not care
But I just had to tell you
How much you really meant to me
I suffer every time I see your eyes
I get this feeling like I have been kicked in the gut
Stabbed in the back
I just don’t understand
How you could do this to someone who only wanted to love you
Who only wanted to be there for you
You have every piece of my heart entangled
Through your fingers
Just look down now and again
Into your hand
You may see
That forever there it might be caught
In your selfish grasp

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