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What you See

March 22, 2010
By xoxokelseyxoxo GOLD, South Plainfiled, New Jersey
xoxokelseyxoxo GOLD, South Plainfiled, New Jersey
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I can’t be that girl everyone thinks I am
Facing my fears head on
Not thinking of what happens next
Just living in the moment
Watching everyone I care about
Be taken by the cold grasp of death
Not allowing any last goodbyes

But I’m not her

For four years I’ve been nothing more
Than a player in a play
How I long for once to be the director of my life
We all fool ourselves acting like we don’t
Care what people think
But you do, that cold bitter sting races through your veins
Instead of doing something about it
We just let people push us around like insignificant pawns
On someone porcelain chess table

No matter how much you try
At the end of the day you’ll always be the one
Strapped to that bed in the white room
Looking for your sanity
Not able to escape who you’ve become
The days go on and you keep the smile of
The dolls with the glass eyes

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