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The Game Of Life

March 23, 2010
By softlylara BRONZE, Staten Island, New York
softlylara BRONZE, Staten Island, New York
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As school ends caps fly,
Diploma in hand dreams float through the air,
Like the wind, destiny pushes each graduate in a different direction.

No one knows exactly what to expect,
Of the future that is quickly catching up to the present,
And like a board game every move made effects the outcome.

As school ends wishes fly,
But don’t let them just drift on by,
Because a diploma is useless unless paired with dedication.

No one knows exactly where they’ll go,
Life doesn’t have directions to tell us what to do,
Follow your desires your dreams and your hopes,
Let your mind free and it will guide you.

Police, lawyers, doctors, dentists,
Singers, poets, painters too.
Accountants, salesman, vets and teachers,
What does the future hold for you?

The author's comments:
"life is what you make of it.... dreams are nothing unless you make them reality"

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