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Finally Right

March 30, 2010
By Saysh PLATINUM, Brentwood, California
Saysh PLATINUM, Brentwood, California
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I watch you sleep
As I lay in your arms
Could it really be
That we’ve finally come to this?
After all we’ve been through
All those years
Finally passed by
And now we’re here
I close my eyes
And I know when they open
That you’ll be gone
Just a figment of my imagination
But I open them
And I’m still right there
Right where I should be
In your arms
You open your eyes
And look down at me
A smile plays on your lips
“What?” You ask.
I smile back. “Nothing.”
You lean down and kiss me
And I know
That things are finally right

The author's comments:
When I was writing this I could kind of picture the couple. I picture that they had gone through a lot that kept them apart, but now they're together and happy.

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