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A young, fertile heart

March 31, 2010
By buddhist.chick SILVER, City, Michigan
buddhist.chick SILVER, City, Michigan
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Favorite Quote:
"I write to ease the passing of time."
Jorge Luis Borges

Walking through the embers
Of a civilization churning

I have come to the redundant process
Of flicking the heart strings
That once preserved comfort

People have come and gone
I've eaten pounds upon pounds of fruit
Swallowing the fertile hope

Smiles incised parentheses on my face
While liters of tears took the northern way

Consciousness of what is pleasant or not
Is life
Realization that the former is
Outnumbered by the latter
Is death

Anything in between is just a cloud filling
To remind that every happiness is fleeting
And no loss is condemning

I have never breathed the same breath before
Yet the products and reactants are always the same

I too, shall come and pass
Perhaps marry you, perhaps humiliate you
Just a scratching attempt
To prove that humans have purpose and will

Ignoring the lack of suicide in animals
And their serene march through this frill

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